after a few weeks or months after working on Self at the valley of the Bosnian Pyramids


I found the love of my life

I was single for eight years but within three months after I came back from Visoko I found the love of my life, I got pregnant and we now live together. This all happened within six months after working on myself in Visoko.

I moved to a better place

I loved my house but it was in a very dense energy area. Within two months after coming back from Visoko, I found a house outside of the city, where the energy is much better.

I found a new love

Oh how unlucky I always was in love and for such a longtime I was a single woman.

Working on myself did me well and I returned home as a 2.o version of me.

Within weeks literally I found a new love and I feel so much more confident now.

Contact with my kids

After a painful divorce I lost contact with my children. When I came back from Visoko and found peace with myself and with the situation, my children reached out to me and now we’re back in touch!

More feminine energy and new business ideas

I worked a  lot on my feminine energy in Visoko and it resulted in quick breakthroughs in my company. New creative business ideas, new website, new products! When your vibration changes, your company and product offer has to change as well.

I quit my job

I had a very good job but it did not feel like my mission.I already started my own company. One month after coming back from Visoko (I put my intention there to quit!) I quit my job and decided to work more in my own company. I even organised a big and succesful event!

I started my own company

I look back with a warm heart at the special retreat we did in summer 2022. It was there where the ideal came to my mind to be an entrepreneur. Now (May 2023) it is reality.

"In 2020 it became clear for me that I wanted to live in Visoko. I just didn't know how"

Ira Nagel

"I had a dream/vision in which I reached my goal faster than I thought.

"That dream became reality. In 2021 I bought a piece of land, in 2022 I moved to my house on that land in Visoko. "

Ira Nagel

My own story is a story of breakthroughs, activated by working on Self in the valley of the Bosnian Pyramids.
As the Pyramids are magnifiers, things manifest faster than normal.

In 2005 I first arrived in Bosnia to travel and the country kept me coming back on a regular basis.

Only in 2019 I visited the pyramids, while I had already heard of them back in 2005.

In the summer of 2020 I knew it: I want to live here. Just I didn’t know how.

My bosnian brother Nino told me it would be a good idea to buy a piece of land.

I found my piece of land in March 2021 and bought it.
In January 2022 I had closed down my shop, I sold my house and I moved to Bosnia. Initially I had to move in and out of the country for a couple of months till my residency permit was ready and my house was built.

In september 2022 I was able to settle in Bosnia completely.

My company Namaste Bed and Breakfast d.o.o. with group retreats took a run and I’m completely integrated in Visoko.