valley of the bosnian pyramids


Place of Power

The Valley of the Bosnian Pyramids belongs to the strongest places of power on Earth.

At the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun and the nearby Tumulus, the Bovis Value is measured at 50.000 and those places have an anormal 28 KwH frequency.
This is very powerful and perfect to activate your energy. 
During a retreat with Bosnian Pyramid Retreats you work on yourself, while you are coached by Ira.
The combination of working on Self at a place of power as a magnifier, results in quick results, breakthroughs and transformations.

As I (Ira)  live here in Visoko, know the locals, speak the language and travelled extensively in the country,
I know the best places to go. Therefore, some retreats I combine Bosnian Pyramids with other interesting places in the country.
My longterm experience in tourism, then therapeutic and holistic work is the perfect match with the knowledge of the pyramids and places of power here in order for you to expand knowledge and consciousness and to awaken your spirit.
Many find themselves returning back home as a 2.0 version of themselves after a retreat with me.
The invitation is here, but you are the one who has to take the opportunity.

pyramids and special energy places

Prehistoric tunnel labyrinth Ravne

In the Ravne tunnels, a tunnelsystem that is part of the Bosnian Pyramids, you will get great explanation from the guides and it has the perfect energy to relax and meditate.

Bosnian Pyramid
of the Sun

The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is one of the strongest places of power in the valley and it is the largest and oldest pyramid in the world.

Tumulus Vratnica

A tumulus is an interesting oval shaped structure that is found all over the world.

Highlights elsewhere in the country

Bosnian and Herzegovina has so much to offer.

Waterfalls of Kravice

Is it Brazil? No it is in Herzegovina!

Unacknowledged pyramid structures

There are many more pyramid structures around Visoko, but not yet acknowledged.
Can you see them?

Stone Spheres of Zavidovici

Mysterious stone balls. The largest stone ball is in Bosnia.

Obelisk in the woods

There is a mysterious 4 meter tall ancient obelisk in the woods near Olovo.

If not now, when?


Frequently Asked Questions

Why the pyramids look like green hills?

The pyramids were only discovered by Dr. Semir Osmanagic in 2005. There are people living on the pyramids on their private grounds. Therefore they cannot dig or take away the plants and trees that grew there as they will have to dig at someones private grounds.

Is is suitable for wheelchairs?

The area is full of hills and mountains and  therefore not suitable for wheelchairs. In a retreat you will have to carry your own luggage, and be able to walk steep hills.

Why is a retreat with you different from other retreats?

As I work with you n your energetic and emotional blocks I work holistically and therapeutically and therefore in small groups. Alcolhol is not used in my groups. I do not need plantmedicine, sage an any other external tools like ankhs or totem animals, drums  or whatever to help you work on yourself. I do not open portals, not do I work with energygrids, but I work with all that is already there, left behind by an ancient civilization for us.

I speak the language, I know the locals, I live here in Visoko and travelled extensively in the country, so besides all the known hot spots I  try to bring you to unknown places.

What currency do I take with me?

The local currency is Bosnian Mark (KM=Konvertible Mark), but you can pay as well in euro’s. Bosnia is a cash only society. Pin payments are only accepted in big supermarkets and petrol stations.

"expand your knowledge. wise men cannot be dominated"


" it is only our deeds that reveal who we are."

Carl Jung

"Often the solitary man finds for himself the grace of the spirit.