Out of this World Retreat

17-24 May 2024

THIS RETREAT IS IN ENGLISH in case of international participants

7 x Breakfast and Dinner
6 x Lunch

Magical Places out of this World


Shared double room



Off the Beaten Track

Highlights of this retreat

 The  oldest and largest pyramids in the world. 
* Ravne underground tunnel labyrinth
* Wild horses
* Waterfalls & Nature
* Mystical Places
* Exploring the possibilities to Exit the Matrix
* How to stop the cycle of reincarnation
* What to do after death?
* Local food & gastronomy
* Entry fees
* Transport
We start our retreat in Visoko and we travel around in Bosnia and Herzegovina and we end our retreat 1 hour from Sarajevo.

Maximum: 10 persons

This is a 7 day & night spiritual group roundtrip Retreat.
2 nights in Visoko at the Bosnian Pyramids
2 nights in  between Visoko & Livno
2 nights in Herzegovina
1 night in between the lush mountains and the banks of the Neretva river
On the 24th of May we can drop you at Sarajevo airport after 12:00 o’clock or back to Visoko where you can indepently prolong your stay for as long as you like.

During a retreat you work on yourself while we travel mostly (not all the time) in the quiet places in Bosnia & Herzegovina.
You will be ‘Out of this World’!
During this week several teachings and knowledge around the theme Out of this World/ Exit the Matrix and stop the cycle of reincarnation will be shared.

What to bring

– swimsuit
– hiking shoes
– warm clothes
– clothes in case of warm weather
– notebook/journal
– euro’s in cash for souvenirs coffee, snacks and lunch and extra bankcard for ATM
– small suitcase or bag (travel light)
Tip: bring clothes that you can leave behind and so you have space to bring souvenirs back

How to get here

Flight to Sarajevo
Bus from Netherlands/Belgium, Austria or Germany to Visoko

The roads less travelled, bring you to beautiful places…

The exact day to day program will be sent to participants by e-mail.

Hiking level: 4/5
Consciousness Level: 5/5
Minimum number of participants: 3
Maximum number of partipants: 10
Closing date for retreat:  20 april 2024

This retreat is for you:
* If you never felt home on this planet and you are ready to explore with me the possibilities to exit the matrix and end the reincarnation cycle.
* If you are open to new knowledge to go back home to the origine.
* If you travel alone
For this transformational retreat you cannot hide behind the safety of a friend/relative or family member. Transformations can only take place if you are willing to get out of your comfortzone.
* If you love to experience a new country, new types of food and new people.

This retreat is not for you:
*If  you are not open to new knowledge and teachings.
*If you love to travel together with a friend/relative/familymember (check in that case the Pyramids & Portals Retreats)
*If you are an individualist as we sleep in shared rooms with max. 2 persons.
* If you’re vegan as there is no possibilities for vegan cuisine (vegetarian however is possible).

Your investment: 1111 Euro

Payment schedule: 555,50 Euro upon registration to confirm your participation.
555,50 in cash on the spot for a big part of the local costs.

The bankcosts to transfer to a Bosnian bankaccount are really high, therefore I use Wise.

Registration: info@bosnianpyramidretreats.com


7 nights based on shared double room in holiday home.
7 x breakfast and dinner, 6 x lunch
program with Ira including sightseeing and teachings.

all entry fees
transport during retreat


coffees, juices, snacks in between the meals
flight and transfer to Visoko