Bosnian Pyramid Retreats

Pyramids & Places of Power

Would you like to visit the Bosnian Pyramids? Bosnia is a mysterious land with many powerful places and vortecies. The Bosnian Pyramid Mega Complex is the largest Pyramid MEGA Complex in the world!
Besides the already discovered pyramids you find many yet undiscovered possible pyramid structures in the area.

Magnifiers for your breakthroughs

Pyramids are magnifiers and amplifiers. By working on Self and thus healing, activation and transformation, most people have incredible breakthroughs a few weeks or months after being on a retreat in Visoko.

You can read about a few of the stories that they shared with me here.
When it happens, how it happens and what will happen is between you and the pyramids.


Bosnian Pyramid Retreats offers all year round (except for the months of November, January and February) profound and life-changing groupretreats in one of the ten most powerful places on Earth: the Valley of the Bosnian Pyramids. The biggest archeological discovery in the last century by Dr. Semir Osmanagic!

All Year Round

In 2023 we are nearly fully booked and in 2024 we plan some retreats in Dutch and some retreats in English in Visoko and in other interesting parts of Bosnia & Herzegovina.

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Bosnian Pyramid Retreats 
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About Me

I am Ira and I originate from The Netherlands but now I live in Bosnia, in Visoko in between the prehistoric underground tunnellabyrinth Ravne and the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun.
After seven years being owner of the spiritual Namaste Cafe in The Hague, I decided to move to Bosnia.
18 years background in tourism made me guiding groups to India and to Bosnia and now it’s my lifestyle!

For 2023 I have only groups in Dutch language (most are full, here and there some spots left) but for 2024 there will also be English spoken international groups in as well Visoko and other interesting places in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

I have an extensive background in expanding consciousness and for many years I transmit these teachings through workshops, trainings, online courses and my Youtube channel: Namaste TV.

2 spots available
Portal & Activation journey

7-14 July 2023

5 spots available
The Great Love Awakening

1-11 september 2023

1 spot available
Portal & Activation Journey

6-13 October


Bosnian Pyramid of the sun

Portal in the bosnian pyramid mega complex

What Customers Are Saying

“Thank you somuch for all your love, insights, beautiful words, inspiration, positive energy and power”
-Participant Lions Gate Retreat

“Thank you somuch from the bottom of my heart for the timeless days in Visoko. You gave me so many insights and you shared profound wisom with us.”
-Participant Lions Gate Retreat

“Four full days in Bosnia, how I enjoyed those days! Thank you for your utmost care, inspiration, teachings warmth, safety, healing, funny moments and tears of joy. It was a look in your new homeland. With a suitcafe full of memories I go home. With newfound confidence and a new slogan: We are not victoms, we are creators”.
-Participant Lions Gate Retreat

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